Monday, 14 September 2015

Day 17 Chandigarth to Delhi.

Day 17  Chandigarth to Delhi (275 kms)

It wouldn’t have been possible to do a one day, McLg to Delhi ride without getting in the dark and being totally stuffed.
There was no internet available last night so I couldn’t look at google maps to figure how to get out of C and on the road to Delhi. I get confused but finally get the right direction and with a good road surface (in fact very good) the ride is great in the cool morning air.
The sky is typically greyish, but is like this pre monsoon and no direct sun and I want to keep it on my left so I am sure of heading south. It seems a bit like those mariners rounding Cape Horn who needed an occasional glimpse of the sun to make sure of establishing their position.
The motorway demands a level of attention though, because there are guys turning onto it or across it and you’re never quite sure what is going to happen. Often trucks just turn on, and so you haul on the brakes and almost stop. As usual there’s no “lane discipline” and there are trucks doing 40kph in the “fast lane”. With farm tractors in the far left, there’s a stupid funneling into the middle lane going on and when a tuk tuk driver decides to overtake the tractors, there’s some pretty dramatic moments.
There’s still a rural landscape until about 40kms out of Delhi so it’s a good ride and there’s no point in doing more than 90kph. At the various toll stations, the tin tops have to pay but the bikes go down a narrow freebie lane, so you end up getting past them. The motorway would probably get a rating of about 2 out of 10 from Germans (because it reverts to pothole city at points) and the driving style would get about  .5.
Most Indians are really bad drivers, and big risk takers but apparently get their licences through the post, not tested.
Their greatest ability is in knowing exactly where the four points of their vehicle are, and not hitting other stuff (generally) on the road. 
Despite all the planning and google maps I printed, the whole thing was torpedoed when I couldn't get off the Ring road at the planned point, and got totally lost . Delhi is hell to try and figure out unless you have a co navigator in a car with you. Got a tuk tuk driver to lead the way for 15kms but I swear he passed my nominated close to the hotel point - the Rama Krishna metro station - and we did a huge loop again.
Finally I get to the hotel and I’m drenched so my jacket is going to the "dry cleaners" and clothes at some laundry. Somehow my stress level didn't get up and I found the riding "style " (pushy no nonsense assertiveness) wasn't as difficult to manage as expected. Two weeks ago I was terrified at the prospect of picking up the bike.

Delhi is like no other city and the contrasts are huge. This shows the billion dollar new metro passing in front of a 'religious icon' . Not sure if it's Shiva or Hanuman. 
From the swanky consulate section of the city with its greenery to this, adjoining the trainline to Rajastan

And the old. - Shiva statue (or is it Hanuman? ) with a train, part of the new billion dollar metro, passing  in front.

The now forgotten and dilapidated vestiges of the British raj era. This one in Chandi Chowk.

But this photo, I took, opposite the hotel, says that happiness is not the preserve of nations that have more.


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