Monday, 14 September 2015

Day 18 Fix it day

Day 18   Fix it day 

Well the outcome was better than I expected .
Despite the team mechanic thinking that the clutch would have to be done before I could get over the passes, it survived and the hirer can replace it, not me.
The engine didn’t run its bearings but I kept pouring oil into it every day and put a litre in yesterday. Now the oil level can’t be seen !!!!!!!
As soon as I got onto the plains, the terrible on/off throttle response disappeared and the bike was was OK to ride. It’s got  fuel injection so should have been a lot better to ride then a carbed version, but despite being of Bosch origins, the management system is crap. One of the ride support guys tried to tell me it was not “chipped” – seriously???????

The bike was disappointing and despite people in AUS telling me, I’d get to like it, I’m glad to be off it and looking forward to getting on one of my BMW Ks at home.
The good – it was capable of surviving dropping into huge holes in the road and the brutal Ladakh roads. Seemingly good fuel economy. Survived a crash with minimal damage.
The bad – gutless motor, no decent engine braking,- seemed to have worn out at 15000kms, - heavy bike with all the grace of a Tata truck, dubious suspension,- dodgy fuel injection system.
Neel tells me, when I get back, that all the Classics with EFI play up and that I should have taken a carbed Machissmo.

Indian engineering can be pretty crude and ugly. This is what the emergency tool box looks like on the Delhi to Rajastan train.

                           HULLO – Is that the axehead in the bottom R H corner???????

Ran far too rich and fouled plugs – used 3 in 3000kms) Geared too high (terrrible gap between 3rd and 4th ) Would be  much better with one tooth less on the front sprocket or fewer on the rear.

Akarsh has got one of his boys coming over in the morning to take me to Karol Bagh (motorbike city) and  buy the replacement bits for the bike – headlight surround etc, a mirror, and potential to hit things with a big hammer.

Finally there’s no trace of a prang and so I take the bike out to Neel, who refunds the deposit and gives me a ride back to the hotel.

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